Friday, April 3, 2009


My name is Teresa Jones.

By weekday I spend time and effort designing the user interface and logic specifications for trust tax software and supporting the application. Sounds like fun, eh? I am blessed with good fortune, great colleagues and pretty decent management in that role. Other than being a CPA, I have no idea how my journey ended up on this path.

By evenings and weekends, when not busy with family, friends and the laundry or being just plain lazy, I hang out in the garage which houses my humble yet largely adequate woodshop and lumber hauler. Time in the woodshop restores my being and fills my stew pot (more on that later).

I have no idea if blogging is going to take or not. I never fancied myself a writer and I am certain my high school English teacher would suggest some other activity.

Until next time,

Teresa (AKA – TJ or Jonesy)


The Village Carpenter said...

Teresa, I have no idea what you just said in your first sentence. ; )

Welcome to the blogging world!

Teresa Jones said...

Some days, I have no idea what I said in that first sentence!

Thanks for the welcome. I seem to be finding as much time for blogging as I do for woodworking.