Friday, April 24, 2009

Possessions of Power

Ah, the power equipment arsenal. Power is how I got started, in large part from the early influences of Norm Abram and the New Yankee Workshop. Only later did I stumble on The Woodwright’s Shop, but that is another post.

After moving into my current residence with the oversized garage, I just happened to be awash in Home Depot gift cards I had been hording for some time. Ridgid orange became my color of choice in the shop.

My power equipment team includes a Ridgid table saw, jointer, planer and drill press. I also have a Dewalt 12 inch SCMS and 20 inch scroll saw. The yellow coordinates well with the orange. The G0555 14 inch bandsaw hails from Grizzly and the lathe is from Delta. The color scheme is now blending together. And finally, the oscillating spindle sander is a Ryobi and the drum sander is a Jet 16-32.

It took eight years to accumulate the power equipment and shortly thereafter I encountered the peace and quiet of hand tools. More on hand tools later.

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